Everyone has their favorite pizza toppings. Unless you’re ready to try something new, you most likely always resort to what you know is good. Whether it’s building your own pizza or adding extra toppings to a specialty pizza, you probably stick to the same 3 or 4 toppings. Next time you order pizza, try experimenting with different pizza toppings. You might not realize what you’re missing out on! Here are some of the most delicious pizza toppings that people often overlook.  

Ground Beef

Meat in general on pizza is amazing, but ground beef on pizza has a unique, delicious flavor. Add caramelized onions to your ground beef pizza and you definitely won’t regret it! 


For those of you who like a spicy kick in your food, jalapenos are the best choice. Add jalapenos to your pizza and your taste buds will be satisfied while your mouth is on fire in the best way possible. If you’re feeling extra spicy, add some sriracha to your pizza to make it even hotter. 


Everybody loves bacon. You can put bacon on anything and know that it’s going to be delicious. So, why not add it to your pizza too? You can add bacon to almost any type of pizza and it is likely to be amazing. If you ask us at Neo Pizza, we’ll always recommend crispy bacon on any pizza pie you order. 


Sausage and pizza are a spectacular combination. Just like bacon, you can add sausage to any type of pizza and it will turn out delicious. Sausage will bring a little bit of spice and a whole lot of flavor to your pizza. Add sausage to your pizza not only to get delicious flavors but to add some extra protein to your pizza too! 

Green Peppers

In our opinion, green peppers are the most underrated pizza topping out there. Green peppers are delicious and add a unique flavor to the pizza. Green peppers also add color, a nice crunch, and are extremely nutritious, so why wouldn’t you want to add them to your pizza? Next time you’re wondering what vegetable to add to your pizza, try green peppers! 

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If you have ignored any of these pizza toppings in the past, this is your sign to give them a try! Once you try these you’ll wish you tried them sooner! Next time you order a pizza from Neo Pizza, make sure to glance through the extra toppings list so that you don’t miss out on any delicious new toppings. Dine-in with us or carry out! Contact us with any questions.