A pizza’s crust can sometimes make or break the pizza. If it’s overbaked, underbaked, unevenly baked, etc. it can really throw off the quality of the pizza and how much you or your customers will enjoy it. If you notice that you just can’t ever get your pizza crust to bake the right way, don’t worry! With a lot of practice and knowledge, the experts at Neo Pizza have all the tips for baking the perfect pizza crust. 

Underbaked Crust

Notice that your pizza crust is constantly underbaked even though you are keeping it in the oven for long enough? The reason for this is because your oven is not hot enough! If your crust has some brown spots but the rest is mostly white or a yellowish color there is simply not enough heat in the oven to get your desired crispy crust. Next time, raise the heat! 

Bubbly Crust

We’ve all seen bubbles on pizza crust and honestly, sometimes I enjoy a bubble or two! However, if you are seeing bubbles all over the crust that means you are not docking the dough enough or at all. Docking is a term that means poking holes in your dough. A lot of professional pizza makers have a docking tool they use but you can also simply use a fork. Before you put your pizza in the oven, make sure to dock the dough thoroughly so that it can breathe in the heat and avoid bubbles. 

Unevenly Baked Crust

Sometimes, depending on what kind of oven you are using, there is more heat towards the back. If that’s the case for your home oven, brick oven, wood-fired oven, etc. your pizza crust is likely to unevenly bake. If this happens to you, make sure to rotate your pizza while it’s cooking so that the heat will be evenly distributed. This will allow every side of the pizza crust to get the same amount of heat and bake evenly. 

Overbaked Crust

Contrary to underbaked crust, if your crust is overbaked it’s likely that your oven is too hot. Another reason could be because you left it in the oven for too long, but if that’s the case that’s not the oven’s fault. Make sure that your oven is not too hot so that the heat won’t attack the crust so fast and cause it to overbake. 

The Best Pizza in Maryland

If you’re looking for some of the best pizza in Maryland, Neo Pizza should be your go-to! Our pizza experts have years of experience and always make sure the crust is baked to perfection. At Neo, you can build your own pizza or choose from our list of delicious specialty pizzas. If you have any questions about our pizza or ingredients, don’t hesitate to contact us

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