Neo Pizza has some of the best pizza in Maryland. Not only is it one of the most preferred choices by adults but children as well! Children love to have pizza almost everywhere they go. It’s honestly one of the best foods for kids! Just one slice of cheesy, delicious pizza will satisfy them. There are also some health benefits for kids in pizza. Let’s explain why it’s the best food for kids. 

The Melted Cheese

Melted cheese is not only delicious but it benefits your child as well. Cheese has a lot of calcium which a growing child needs! You also can’t beat the delicious taste of gooey, melted cheese. 

The Pizza Sauce

A lot of kids don’t like tomatoes but they love tomato sauce! Maybe because of the extra spices in the sauce? Or maybe because of the sauce-like consistency rather than the consistency of a chunk of tomato? Whatever it is, kids will easily indulge in a delicious slice of pizza with tons of tomato sauce. 

The Pizza Crust

It’s no secret that children love bread, so it only makes sense that when it’s paired with melted cheese and tasty tomato sauce they love it even more. Kids also love the bite of a crispy crust. 

The Toppings 

While most kids prefer plain cheese pizza, some actually like some extra toppings! Toppings give them the independence to add whatever they like to their pizza. If they like meat on their pizza, this is also an opportunity to get extra protein in their diet! 

Health Benefits of Pizza for Kids 

  • Tomato sauce comes with many health benefits. Tomato sauce contains lycopene which has a ton of antioxidants and could also help prevent cancer. 
  • As mentioned above, cheese contains tons of calcium that helps strengthen their bones and help them grow! 
  • Pizza dough is often filled with grains that are essential for a healthy diet. It could also include some antioxidants. 

Visit Neo Pizza in Maryland 

Are your children obsessed with pizza? If so, having them try pizza from us at Neo is a must! We offer a build your own pizza option so they can have fun and create their own. If you have any questions about our menu or restaurant don’t hesitate to contact us!

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