Have you ever seen or heard of a self-serve tap beer wall? Well if you haven’t, you have now! At Neo Pizza, we have an amazing self-serve beer wall with all the best and latest beers that you have to try. Not only are self-serve beer walls amazing for restaurants themselves but they benefit the customers too! Here’s why. 

No Waiting in Line

I’m confident when I say that no one enjoys standing in line and waiting at the bar for a drink. Whether the bartender is slow or there are tons of people in front of you, you just want your beer! At a restaurant like Neo Pizza, you won’t have to wait. Just walk up and pour your own – easy, simple, and fun! This allows you to avoid the annoying waiting, haggling and shouting at a bar. 

Sample Your Drink First

When you’re at a busy bar it’s not very likely the bartender will have time to let you sample all the beer you’re interested in. However, with a self-serve beer wall, you can sample a few of the beers to see which one you want! At Neo Pizza, we always have new and unique beers on tap so it’s only right that we let you try them first. 

We’ll Always Have What You’re Looking For

Within these self-pour systems, we can see the habits of our customers and what beers they are drawn to the most. From there we will adjust the beer we have on tap to make sure it’s always what our customers want. This shows that when you visit us at Neo Pizza we will always have the best beer options for you!

It’s A Fun & Unique Experience

Doesn’t it sound fun to be able to pour your own drinks and not have to wait around for a bartender or server? Self-serve beer walls are new, exciting, and give you a unique experience that you might not have had before. Trying new things is always fun and informative and you can never go wrong with some beer… 

Self-serve Tap Beer Wall in Maryland

Are you ready to have your first self-serve tap beer wall experience? Or if you already have, are you ready to go again? Visit us at Neo Pizza for all the latest and best tap beers that you can serve yourself! Of course, pizza goes perfectly with beer so luckily you can order a pizza while you’re here. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form

Columbia location #: 443.864.4344

Mt. Vernon location #: 410.801.8836