There’s something special about pizza being cooked in a brick oven. The quality, the flavors, and the overall look of the pizza are always to die for. Using a brick oven will get you the perfect combination of fresh, chewy, and crispy pizza crust. Brick ovens allow the pizza to cook at extremely hot temperatures which results in a shortened cooking time. The quick cooking time, the evenly distributed heat, and the amazing unique flavors create the most ideal and perfect pizza. 

Higher Cooking Temperatures Create a Quicker Bake

As mentioned above, brick ovens use very hot temperatures which allow the pizza to cook extremely fast. Brick ovens can get up to 800 degrees. With an 800 degree oven, you can usually cook your pizza in as little as 2 minutes. This hot temperature allows the crust and the toppings to cook evenly while neither of them gets burnt. The results will be a perfect pizza with a great crunch and melted crispy toppings. Brick ovens are fantastic when you’re looking for a quick way to prepare pizza. While it may seem that the 800-degree oven would burn your pizza, the floor of the oven stays cool enough so that the dough does not burn. 

The Results: Better Crust, One of a Kind Flavor, and Crispier Toppings

The results you get from a brick oven pizza are incredible. While everyone enjoys their pizza in different ways, there’s no doubt that everyone will enjoy a delicious brick oven-baked pizza. The crust gets very crispy on the outside but stays moist and fluffy on the inside. This makes the pizza both crunchy and soft which is usually the ideal consistency of pizza. 

The constant flow of air and heat within the dense walls of the brick oven allows your toppings to be crispier than if you used a conventional oven. It also allows your toppings to stay rich in flavor since you’re not overcooking them and getting rid of flavors and nutrients. Since you’re not overcooking the toppings, the nutritional value is higher. So not only do brick oven pizzas look and taste phenomenal but they are also healthier and richer in nutrients! 

Eat at NeoPizza

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