When the pizza was first invented it was considered art to make because they were all made entirely by hand. They did not have the help of machines or automatic baking devices, from start to finish they were hand-made. Nowadays, with the large demand for pizza, it is impossible to make them all by hand. Pizza making has turned into machines doing most of the work. 

With machines doing most of the work, a lot of pizzas no longer have that authentic taste. Sure, they are still delicious but that authenticity of a hand-made pizza is missing. Luckily, the traditional way of making pizza by hand is not dead. Traditional hand-made pizza is referred to as ‘artisan pizzas.’ 

With that being said, artisan pizza isn’t a specific type of pizza but a way of preparation. When restaurants and bakeries sell artisan pizza it means that they hand-make their pizzas fresh and on a daily basis to assure their customers are getting the best quality food. If you’re interested in knowing a little more, here are some features of artisan pizza.

Hands-on Quality Control

When making artisan pizza, the chefs make the dough from scratch and knead it to perfection. Kneading the dough a certain way ensures that it has the perfect consistency the customers will love. 

Artisan pizza chef’s also make their pizza sauce from scratch as well. They pick the freshest and best quality ingredients to make their dough, sauce, and toppings. This is something machines simply cannot do. 


Pizza making machines can only do the steps they are designed to do. A machine cannot choose the freshest ingredients and knead the dough to all standards, this leaves out room for creativity in pizzas. Artisan chefs are able to execute their creativity and create pizzas based on their specific taste buds. Since every artisan chef is not the same, this is what brings so much authenticity to every artisan pizza you will come across. 

Innovation in moderation

Just like all technology, cooking technology has also greatly evolved over the years. So when we say 100% hand-made, it doesn’t mean that artisan chefs aren’t allowed to use new slicers or other appliances that assist them in the pizza-making process. Traditional artisan pizza used to often be baked in wood-fired ovens, nowadays chefs are using electric pizza ovens much more. While they are still utilizing technology, they are blending it in with their traditional processes and ingredients. 

Artisan Pizza at NeoPizza in Maryland

In conclusion, choosing artisan pizza just assures you that you are getting the best quality of pizza with all the freshest ingredients. At NeoPizza, we can promise you that all our pizza is hand-made with the best ingredients. Our menu includes a list of delicious types of pizza as well as a build your own pizza section! Make sure to stop by NeoPizza in various parts of Maryland for a taste of delicious and authentic pizza. Contact us today with any questions and visit our website to learn a little bit more about us!