Everyone has those days where you just don’t want to cook. Whether it be for an event, after a long day of work, after a day filled with errands and other responsibilities, or just another day that you really don’t feel like cheffing it up in the kitchen. Skip the stress of preparing, cooking, and cleaning up dinner and choose carryout from Neo Pizza in Maryland! Here are 5 excellent reasons to ditch your kitchen for the day and order delicious food from us!

Life is Busy

After a long day of work, school, or any other activity, sometimes it just easier to order takeout from your favorite local pizza place. It’s quick, easy, and delicious! You won’t have to spend time wondering what to cook for dinner, cooking the dinner, and then having to clean up. Ordering carryout from Neo Pizza will allow you to have a quick and tasty dinner so that you can get right to relaxing and unwinding from your busy day. 

You Just Aren’t in the Mood 

Sometimes you simply just don’t feel like cooking, and that’s ok! Whether you had an extremely busy day or did nothing at all, it’s totally fine to not feel like spending time in the kitchen. Neo Pizza has a ton of food options to choose from besides pizza. While pizza is always a delicious choice, we also have a selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and appetizers that are sure to make your family satisfied and happy! 

You’re Having a Birthday Party or Gathering

Let’s face it, who really wants to cook for a birthday party or large gathering of people? Neo Pizza in Maryland is the perfect spot to order catering! When planning your party, make the food planning easy and let us take care of it. Our catering menu is full of shareable plates of wings, meatballs, salads, veggies, etc. We also offer platters of sandwiches and sliders and of course countless pizza options.

Makes for Great Leftovers

Who doesn’t love tasty leftovers for lunch the next day? Neo Pizza gives generous portions of food so it’s likely you’ll have some leftover! Not only will that make for a yummy lunch the next day but it also saves you from having to prepare lunches as well. Carryout is made for convenience so let Neo Pizza help make your life easier! 

You Want to Treat Your Employees

Everyone loves a pizza party at work! If you want to reward your employees for their excellent work or simply just want to give everyone a fun treat, order Neo Pizza for lunch. Order from our catering menu for large offices or order right from our main menu for smaller offices. If you’re not sure how much to order, we’ll help you find the perfect amount that will satisfy everyone. 

Contact NEO Pizza 

At the end of the day, you don’t really need a reason to order carryout from us. The reason could simply be because you want to! Take a look at our extensive menu to see what you’d like to try from Neo Pizza and order from any of our locations. We have locations in Bel-Air, Annapolis, and Columbia! Fill out a contact form or give us a call if you have any questions about our menu

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